Danville Dental eventuality raises income for God’s Storehouse

The “Give Thanks for Smiles” fundraiser orderly by Danville Dental Associates lifted $3,700 for God’s Storehouse on Nov. 5.

This was a initial of what Danville Dental Associates hopes to settle as an annual event, according to a news release.

More than 128 use hours were donated by a doctors and staff of Danville Dental from all 4 locations. Dental services were supposing to patients for a price of $50 per filling, extraction, or cleaning with a use providing all indispensable materials and supplies.

Dental partner Kimberly Conner was instrumental in formulation a eventuality and presented a concession check

Article source: http://www2.godanriver.com/news/2011/dec/02/danville-dental-event-raises-money-gods-storehouse-ar-1509381/

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